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If you would like some advice on how to move your writing career forwards, or to talk about how you approach writing I offer sessions tailored specifically for you. 


Skype/Zoom/Phone - £30 per hour for a single session

                                       £100 per block of 4 sessions

Face-to Face -    £35 per hour for a single session

                             £120 per block of 4 sessions

Face to Face sessions may be conducted in a public space such as a cafe or in your own home. Travel beyond  Nottingham may be charged. If a private space is required I would negotiate a rate dependent on room hire costs.



Finding yourself 'stuck' in one area of your life can impact on the other areas too. My coaching practice is based on the Relational Dynamics model, very much lead by you, the coachee. Through goal setting together, I support you in finding your own solutions to move you forward in your life.  A full course of coaching may not be the best option for you, with this in mind my practice includes coaching, consulting, advising and mentoring. Dependant on your needs I work out a programme of support which is tailored to you.

After an initial 30 minute consultation (for which there would be no charge) we would agree a rate for future sessions, reflecting the type of programme we choose to follow.  Based in Nottingham, I work face-to-face, via Skype or over the telephone.


My experience of coaching and mentoring writers and creative practitioners is backed up by almost thirty years experience of working in sales and leisure, from ground level to management. This hands-on, practical background serves as a solid basis for working with a variety of people and allows me a fresh approach to supporting individuals in a variety of ways, dictated by their specific needs.


I mentor creative practitioners and professionals in developing their careers and creating clear pathways, offering support and guidance on specific projects or in a broader context.

I offer advice on business management, office systems and career development, as well as practical solutions in managing small teams and maintaining good working relationships.

I have experience of supporting and promoting mental wellbeing and offer a safe environment to explore sensitive issues around interpersonal relationships, personal development and achieving a better understanding of yourself and those around you.


In addition to offering one-off sessions, weekly meetings or catch up sessions throughout a fixed period of time, I can deliver tailor made workshops to individuals and groups. The precise programme is dictated by your needs and would be discussed fully before we start working together.



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