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Sometimes it's hard to find the right words. A poem can be a great gift for a loved one, or even for yourself.

I have written poems for organisations and individuals, and have also been a poet for The Poetry Takeaway 'the world's first mobile poetry emporium'.

If you would like a poem written specifically for you, then please get in touch. After a short chat, either via email, zoom or telephone I will write you a poem based on what we've discussed.

A quick poem-note would costs as little as £15 with a full poem around £35 - more complex poems which require more research and time to perfect would be costed on an individual basis.


If you need to write a speech for a special occasion I can do that for you, or support you in writing and delivering your own.

I can help with writing for all occasions, helping you to sort through your thoughts and pinpoint exactly what it is you'd like to say. 

Weddings, birthdays, naming ceremonies and even funerals. Or work and career events. Whatever the occasion I can help.

Engagement fee £100

a few samples of previous commissions

What I Learn from the Platypus


duck-billed, beaver-tailed, otter-footed, egg-layer

What even are you?

            Drifting around with your eyes tight shut


Magnificent monotreme

  biofluorescent beauty
    glowing unnoticed

      gentle creature, paddling gracefully

         propelling always forwards

           expertly executing electroreception

             scooping up the river-bed with curved bill

               40,000 receptors

                  picking up on static and charge

                    navigating safe passage

                      avoiding predators

                         solitary creature      

                           choosing to pair

                             to raise young until

                                they are able to swim alone

                                   finding warm currents

                                       and a cool resting place             


I am loveable as I am

being on my own is okay

Fanfare for a Newborn


First day of spring brings a new poem

of course some poems are flesh

with tiny hands and feet

and a shock of dark hair

changing the rhythm of our days

continuing the story of families

bright new eyes on the world

1 Down

        durable and practical, with flair (4)


Who will answer the clues now?

Solve the riddles

beat the quizmaster

untangle the anagrams

clarify the conundrums

laugh over small things

ease the countdown of the days

with a daily date, a crossword

never cross word

give me purpose - eyes for the wise-one.





1 down?

Four letters… Jean.

Fanfare for a New Beginning


A suitor has come for my daughter

he did not need to slay dragons

or complete a daring quest or answer riddles

just have an open heart and mind

walk by her side and be kind

pick up the slack when she is tired

all the things she does for those she loves

is all that is required

and all of this he has proven he can provide

and make her laugh and sometimes

from happiness, make her ugly cry.

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