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Whatever the reason you write - creative writing, business writing, essay writing or for public speaking - whatever your level of experience, receiving constructive feedback is the best way to explore whether or not you are achieving what you set out to do.


If you are writing to submit to competitions, publications, an agent or publisher, or if you are writing for performance, having a sounding board before you share your work with a wider audience is an excellent way of developing it to its full potential.

I offer feedback and editing support via email for prose and poetry. Once you have read the feedback I am always happy to continue a dialogue via email to answer any questions that may arise.


Initial read through and basic comments £55.00

Basic read through of a sample from your manuscript, response to any specific questions raised and a general heads-up on where to go next. 

Critical read from £150

A read through of your manuscript (or excerpt), addressing any specific questions you have raised. A full commentary including notes on characterisation, sense of place, narrative structure, potential areas for work in terms of craft/structure and any other points that seem notable. 

up to 15,000 words £150

up to 30,000 words £275

up to 60,000 words £375

over 60,000 words £375 + £5 for every additional 1000 words

Comprehensive edit £35 per hour

A comprehensive line edit, addressing the structure of the manuscript, tightening language, searching out clumsy or awkward sentences, use of vocabulary. Attention to dialogue, characters, settings. 

Copy edit £25 per hour

Checking for accuracy and consistency, readability and fitness for purpose. To make sure there are no repetitions or errors. (Approx 5,000 words per hour) 

Proof reading £20 per hour (minimum charge £30)

Once you are happy with your final version of your manuscript, a proof read will pick up any errors, such as spelling, spacing, hyphenations, as well as spotting any inconsistencies. (Approx 8,750 words per hour)


Feedback and editing per poem £25 per hour (approx 40 lines)

Feedback and advice regarding full collections  £35 per hour 

If you would like to send me some of your work please get in touch via the contact page with a few details such as: prose or poetry/length of work/level of feedback required. If you are a writer on low or no income then please ask about negotiating reduced rates.

My online writing community PoEmpower is a place where you can meet other writers, share your work and access a variety of courses and resources. Find out more here

The Literary Consultancy offers a critical read service and free critical reads to 'high quality writers from low-income households' via ACE Free Reads Scheme

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